I smiled the same smile.

When you are walking on the footpath of one of the busiest streets in town, your eye stops flickering around, fixes its gaze to a spot. That spot kindles an old memory, or makes you want to cry out loud, or jump around in excitement. Or it just brings a smile to your face, with an unexplained emotion that urges you to freeze the action, to preserve it in a stack of many more moments that you have frozen.

All of it happens in an instant, and you have to keep pace with the street in constant motion. You have an album at the end of the day. At the end of a week you have a handful of albums, and at the end of the month, many more..

Months later when you are busily sorting pictures for some work of yours, you see those pictures of the album that has been there for a long time. You very well remember when you went there and wandered. What you seldom remember is when you captured those moments, which now bring the same smile that was on your face then, accompanied by the inexplicable surge of emotions.

And today, I smiled. I smiled the same smile that I did then.

Here it is, the cause for this post.
Yes. The bus I was traveling in did keep its distance from this auto-rickshaw.


Christmas spirit, they say?
Yes, I was tempted, to grab the balloon and throw it high up, and run to catch it. But no, I did not want to be a sadist.
And they [had] made my day.
I’m frightened of dogs, and hence I maintain my distance when I see one.
But this one was just waking up, and was too cute to be scared of.
It’s not everyday that you get to look at a vintage pink coloured Duesenberg-like car without paying a price.
[P.S – Apologies, if I did not get the name right, suggestions would be acknowledged.]
A nap at noon is as important as the breakfast in the morning.
Fifty years from now, if I happen to walk here, where this tiny bookstall lay, I would tell the person with me, “long time ago, there was a book ‘bandi’ here, and there was a man sitting under it and reading a book. Which book, I don’t know. It was one of the most amazing things I ever got to see. I don’t know why.”
As a matter of fact, I still say that whenever I walk by this place.

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