Because the difference is Nothing.

I kept knocking. I wanted to see her. I wanted her to open the door. I tried for a long time. I got no answer.

I stood still for a while with my head against the door and tears in my eyes, helpless.  I peeped in through the keyhole. It was beautiful. It made me more sad.

Anger, agony and frustration took turns to meet me. It was as though they were reminding me that they were here to stay.

 And then I heard a voice which said, ‘you don’t have to try so hard. I am right here.’ I heard nothing after that.

I managed to smile. And as I turned round and round, in a state of dizziness I realised that everything was before my eyes. There is no other side of the door. There is no difference.

When I stopped, I saw no door.


2 thoughts on “Because the difference is Nothing.

    1. Hello.

      For me, what is on the other side of the door is my goal. A destination I am yet to reach.

      However, it still depends on the reader’s perspective because I believe every person can have a different view of it.

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