Streets Heal – the 4th Block.

See, this place has real magical powers. One deep breath of the 4th Block air, and all negativity is gone.” I told my cousin when we reached the Jain Temple from JP Nagar at about 9:30 pm about a month ago. People at home know by now, that I belong to the street. One, because I am my most enthusiastic self when I am out there with my camera; and two, because I have mentioned it to them a thousand times before.

It so happened that I was drained out. After one week of what I call house imprisonment; a refreshment therapy was much needed. What other place to heal me than 4th Block? And so my cousin told me, “Come, we’ll go, have a cup of coffee, and return home.” We made a pit stop at an ice-cream place called Natural. “Whoever eats ice-cream at 9 pm?” I said. “You are one of the very few who don’t.” he replied. “I am glad.” I thought. I was waiting for that cup of fourth block coffee.

The outing was brief – after coffee was over, we realised we were hungry – and the only place that still served food was Cafe Toscano. There we went, ate a little something of what they called salad, and headed back home.

When you are out on the street, sitting behind on a motorcycle, looking up at the sky, and the streetlights gush past – one after the other, with trees blocking the light occasionally and the pleasant Bangalore-evening breeze hitting your face; how can all negativity not be slapped away?

Here’s what healed me. Brought me back to myself. Coffee – Salad – 4th Block.

The Saviour – He makes around three thousand cups of coffee a day that starts at 7 am and ends at around 10:30 pm.

He takes 10 seconds to make a cup of coffee. Or less. Tumbler + 25% Decoction + 75% Milk = Heaven.

Here. The first answer for all complex questions of the world.

Cafe Toscano. With colourful lanterns adorning the whole area of the restaurant, it is sure to remind you of an authentic gypsy settlement. Maybe I was so immersed in their beauty, that I forgot to use my lens to see them.


IMG_3204Now this is one thing from Toscano that shall never be forgotten. That bottle. What style, what class!

The Market Lantern. Day’s not over yet!

Lights, trees and Bangalore breeze. Refreshed. Ready to face the world tomorrow? YES.

I have mentioned it once and I say it again, this isn’t my last post on the world in the neighbourhood.


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