For the love of food – A photo chronicle

The last year came with, among many other lessons, an insight on something I hadn’t chosen to care about much (yes, I did pay the price for it) – on food. My favourite portraitist and food photographer told me this one day – Man can never have enough of anything, but serve him a great meal and he happily says,’Yes, I am done, thank you.’ A couple of months before this, thanks to a friend from language class, I learned not to waste food on the plate. ‘You should know how much you want to eat. There are people starving out there and we throw good food in the dustbin.’, was what he said, precisely. These sentences changed the way I view food. A new found appreciation for the world of the food masters began, when I landed as an intern at this amazing website that curates the best of Bangalore street food.

While I look back on these little revelations, I know that there is more to learn, explore and experience the art that is food. The third eye agrees.

The only ‘Kerala’ that I knew of was, apart from Thiruvananthapuram, in the form of the fleeting pictures of coconut trees, backwaters and cottages through train windows. Although I remember most parts of the former, it is the moments of the latter that are etched in the mind. Well, a part of my knowledge on the state also comes from the university I went to, but this little Wayanad trip (Bangalore -> Mysore -> Wayanad) was an eye opener. With perfect companions and wonderful hosts, the weekend was easily the best that I spent in a long time.

Also, a single sentence lesson on food photography happened here, for which I am eternally grateful to her.

Peppercorns dry under the scorching sun at Vazhavatta, Wayanad.
Kaapi and Chai containers, Mysore
Appam and Kadala Curry, Sulthan Bathery, Kerala
Breakfast Platter, Kalpetta, Kerala
Kattan Chaya – the famous Kerala black tea, Kalpetta, Kerala
Sambar Vade, Mysore

Now, how many people get to wander and eat at various street food outlets in their favourite parts of the city as a part of their job? I got lucky! The two months I spent doing this while working with Talking Street gave me experiences and memories I shall forever cherish.

Tawa Butter Pulav in the making, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
Mushroom Pizza from a street side pizza cart, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Jalebis, almost; Vijayanagar, Bangalore
Sabudana Vada, Rangashankara, Bangalore
When the real Dosas of the south call you – Vijayanagar, Bangalore
Deep frying Amritsari Samosas, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Gobi (cauliflower) gets deep fried for the Manchurian, Vijayangar, Bangalore
The chef tosses the Manchurian one last time, Vijayanagar, Bangalore
The plate of happiness – the plate of Gobi Manchurian, Vijayanagar, Bangalore
Nippat Bhel, from one the city’s signature red coloured Bhel Puri carts, Jayanagar, Bangalore
How can this post end without filter Kaapi, just how?

Note Feature Image Location: Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Cameras Used: Canon EOS 400D, IPhone 5 | Apps Used: Adobe Lightroom, Picasa 3


6 thoughts on “For the love of food – A photo chronicle

      1. I agree with your statement. Also, I think one gets a whole new perspective on a place when one looks through the eyes of somebody who’s relatively new to the place! 🙂 Thanks again!

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