THAT-OOPS!-MOMENT – The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

© BramhiPG2012
It was raining heavily that evening, I was seated in a car with the camera in my hands, trying to capture raindrops settled on the car glass. It was only after I’d heard the click of the shutter did I realise that the car had just passed a speed bump. And this is how the image turned out to be!

The best moments in life are indeed the unplanned ones.

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13 thoughts on “THAT-OOPS!-MOMENT – The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I had a somewhat similar moment when I was travelling to Aizawl…I wanted to take a shot of the city lights without a tripod.,..the result was a shaken and stirred capture…which looks somewhat similar to what you have captured…it is one of my favourites…

    1. Hi,
      Aizawl is a beautiful place isn’t it? I am sure the image looks amazing. I’d love to see it, if you are okay with sharing it of course. 🙂

    1. I’m humbled at such a comparison!
      But yes, the feeling was similar.
      Thank you very much, for the visit and the comment! 🙂

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