Street Portraits: Sisters

Caputred at: Ragigudda, Bangalore | Camera used: Canon EOS 400D | Lens used: 15-85mm

© BramhiPG2014 | All Rights Reserved


85 thoughts on “Street Portraits: Sisters

    1. Hello,
      Thank you very much, for the visit and for the comment!
      The girls make the picture what it is, so all credit goes to them! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂
      The girls were indeed a delight to photograph. I am lucky to have met them and to have been able to capture their moment of joy!

  1. This is beautiful, I love how you picked a pair of sisters that live in a place that do not have the opportunities we do. I have a friend who lived in India and she loved the culture but disliked how it was unsafe and she told me about this picture and the caption you placed and she was touched by how you still showed that even in places that safety is promised the love of family still shines through.

    1. Hello to you and your friend!
      The very aim was to capture the love, the innocence and the happiness that prevails amidst odds. I believe that it’s what makes the world so beautiful. That ultimately, like you said, love and goodness shines through. 🙂

      Thank you very much for seeing that in this picture. I’m very much humbled by your comment. The girls were lovely to socialise with! 🙂

      1. I appreciate the thought into your post, I would love to hear anymore stories of experiences that open peoples minds to a wider world, I love for you to check out my blog and any advice on it, I haven’t posted much but I am liking the idea of posting more. I would extremely appreciate it. x

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